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Our Company

We are focused on improving life in cities through the use of Open Data and the latest mobile technology.

Research & Sharing

Research & Sharing

Our developers are alwas researching new technologies that we apply in our products. Sharing this knowledge and experience in forums to reach the community of developers and entrepreneurs is our hallmark.

Visual Experience

Visual Experience

We focus on visual interfaces for a better user experience with as little interaction as possible. Our users point out requirements and improvements that we implement in our applications.

Agile Development

Agile Development

Never stops improving: development cycles based on agile methodologies that incorporate engineers and users. Evolutionary maintenance and cost-effective new products.


Easy to Use Mobile Applications

Visual design and functionality are geared towards achieving a minimal learning curve so the user can make full and deep use of the functionality ASAP.

Personal Privacy

We request legal permissions for minimal personal data and exclusively for the correct functioning.


We provide comprehensive real-time information on the main services in the city as well as news highlights that can be shared.

Cloud service

User's configuration are saved automatically on the cloud to recover it in case of deletion, loss or change of mobile phone.

Get to know our apps inside

Deep functionality, value-added processes, simple and quick-to-learn interfaces are some of the most valued features of our apps.

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There is no better way to check everything we say than by installing at least one of our apps. Visit our portfolio, there's sure to be an app that's right for you.

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