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Alexa Skills


Alexa Skills

Voice assistants are increasingly present in our lives. Not only in our mobiles, but we have all kinds of devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, both with different variants.


As with mobile devices and touch interfaces, a new world of possibilities is now opening up for developers with voice interfaces. In this article we will focus on the voice assistant created by Amazon: Alexa. Which already includes 5 devices such as Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show.


In the last months we have been learning about how to create a skill, that’s the name of the applications in this assistant, and the different tools we have for it. The result is that we have already published our first Alexa Skills that reproduce basic functionalities that already exist in some of our apps.


An Alexa skill is no different than any application that is made today. The problem at the time of writing is that there is still no clear business model to monetize the use of Alexa Skills, so investing in a team for a company like ours is complex.


We are sure that this scenario will change soon and at Boira Development we will join a new development ecosystem to try to create useful products for users.