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The latest big trend in the world of technology is chatbots.


They may be more familiar now than they used to be to the general public, but conversational bots are not a recent experiment. In fact, some companies have been experimenting for a long time with some advances that now underpin all work with bots: mainly natural language processing to make the machine capable of having intelligent conversations with users. Without him it would be totally impossible.


When you review the natural evolution of information technologies and their relationship with users, you can fully understand the movements of some of the most important companies in the world. In the mid-2000’s, the smartphone came into our lives and with it the mobile operating systems (iOS and Android), native applications and native mobile user experience, all on the client side.


Today, the trend is still the smartphone, but focused on messaging applications, where direct contact through chatbots has become the king.


At Boira Development we have begun to experience the scope that can be had by moving some of the services we provide with apps to this new conversational environment. We are working on our first chatbot and hope that in a few years this will probably be the environment preferred by users.