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IOS Apps


iOS Apps

The main differences between Android and iOS in terms of programming are the language and environment.


Android applications are programmed in Java, currently the world’s most popular programming language. Although Java requires a lot of coding, there is an alternative: Kotlin. This coding language is easier to read for developers and coding can be done in a more efficient way.


Apple’s native mobile application development language, Objective-C, was one of the first programming languages and proved useful for creating applications on various devices. A more modern programming language is Swift, which was launched in 2014 and created as a replacement for Objective-C.


There are also differences between the set of tools used for the development of apps in both operating systems. The most common IDE’s for Android are Eclipse, Android Studio and IntelliJ. For developing iOS-based applications, there are fewer options, but the most common is Xcode 8.


For Boira Development, creating apps for iOS was an almost natural step, a popular demand. The good reception of some of our Android apps made many users ask us for them also for iPhone users who would like to have them.


So we proceeded to create the iOS developer group and created our first app applying the same criteria of methodology and evolutionary development cycles that we had already tested with the Android team.


The release of our first app has been a success and is on its way to becoming very significant in our business model, as have Android’s so far.